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Gotmedia CD-R

Gotmedia CD-R Media
CD-R Media
This is our house brand CD-R that we import for our offset printing customers. We call them Gotmedia CD-R and we stand behind these CD-Rs 100%. We feel they are an excellent value and offer qualities not available in other brands. For instance our Shiny Silver Top CD-R is hub printable, there is no stacking ring groove on the top of our CD-R. It has been used with Silkscreen printing as well as Offset printing with low reject rates due to peeling. This is the only shiny silver CD-R that we know of that doesn't have a stacking ring groove and allows you to print in the hub. You may also use these CD-R if you are applying a full face label and do not want the stacking ring to show. We also sell a White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-R if you are using an inkjet printer. Gotmedia CD-R is not only for offset or silkscreen printing, you can use these CD-Rs the same as any other shiny silver CD-R.

Note: If you are using these CD-R for offset printing it is recommended that you test a small batch first.

GOTMEDIA CD-R 80, 52X, Shiny Silver Thermal Hub Printable Surface
Gotmedia CD-R is our house brand. These CD-Rs have a shiny silver surface which is best suited for users that want to print with a monocolor thermal printer, offset print, silkscreen print, apply a label or just simply write on the surface with a CD pen. These are hub printable which means you can print on more of the surface and closer to the center hole. There is no groove (stacking ring) on the top surface.
Price: $18.00

GOTMEDIA CD-R 80, 52x White Inkjet Hub Printable
Gotmedia white inkjet hub printable CD-Rs are best suited for users that want to print on the surface of the CD-R with a color inkjet printer. These inkjet CD-Rs are hub printable which means you can print closer to the center hole covering almost the whole top side of the CD-R.
Price: $21.00

GOTMEDIA CD-R 80, 52x White Thermal Hub Printable
Gotmedia White Thermal CD-Rs are unique becasue they are hub printable. These CD-Rs have a smooth top surface making them great for full face labels or thermal printing inside the hub with Rimage Prism or other monocolor printers.
Price: $21.00

GOTMEDIA CD-R 80, 52x Silver Inkjet Printable, Non-Hub
Gotmedia Inkjet Non-hub printable CD-R disc. The Silver Inkjet surface produces a metallic or iridescent look to printed artwork. These are not hub printable. Use with a color inkjet printer or write on the surface with a CD pen.
Price: $20.00


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