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Digital Audio CD-R

CD-R for digital audio, full line of digital audio cd-r from Spin-X  and MAM-A

Digital Audio CD-R, MAM-A Gold Audio CD-R & Digital Audio CD-R in Orange County, CA

Why won't regular data CD-Rs work in my home audio CD recorder?

Digital Audio CD-Rs are made specifically for home audio cd recording systems. Most home audio systems have "standalone" CD recorders, not attached to a computer, and they require a CD-R that is made specifically for Digital Audio recorders. Some manufacturers also call them Music Only CD-R or Audio CD-R. These CD-Rs are Digital Audio recorders approved and will work in standalone CD recorders. A Digital Audio CD-R uses a SCMS copy-protection flag in the sub-code section of the CD-R. SCMS is the acronym for Serial Copy Management System. Home audio standalone CD recorders are designed to look for the SCMS flag in the sub-code section before allowing the unit to record. If there is no SCMS flag the recorder will not allow recording and the CD-R will be rejected. If a CD-R is labeled Digital Audio CD-R it has the SCMS flag and will therefore work in standalone home audio CD recorders.

We offer a full range of Digital Audio CD-Rs, from branded to inkjet printable to gold digital audio and even a pro audio gold. Branded digital audio CD-Rs can be used where simply writing on the surface with a CD-R pen will suffice. We also carry bulk shiny silver digital audio CDRs from MAM-A and Spin-X . The shiny silver discs are used by professionals that custom print with thermal printers like the Rimage Prism. You could also apply labels or simply write with a CD-R pen. We also offer inkjet printable digital audio CDRs for those who are printing on the surface in full color. Don't forget the best digital audio cd-r ever made, the MAM-A Gold Digital Audio CD-R and Pro Audio Gold CD-R.

MAM-A (Mitsui) Digital Audio with SCMS CD-R 80, 1x-12x, Branded Surface - 11121
MAM-A Mitsui Digital Audio CD-R has a reputation that is synonomous with superior quality. This Mitsui Digital Audio CD-R has a branded surface for users that simply write on the surface with a CD pen. Branded means there is a MAM-A logo printed on the surface.
Price: $270.00

MAM-A (Mitsui) Pro Audio Master Gold CD-R 74, 1x-12x, Gold Matte Finish Thermal Surface - 11498
MAM-A Mitsui Pro Audio Gold CD-R is made specifically for Professional Mastering Studios who need to burn audio masters for their clients. MAM-A also makes this audio CD-R for older CD burners that use ATIP and may not be compatible with newer high speed CD-Rs. This Mitsui Audio Gold CD-R does not have SCMS.
Price: $426.00

MAM-A (Mitsui) Digital Audio with SCMS CD-R 80, 1x-12x, Shiny Silver Surface - 11066
MAM-A Mitsui Digital Audio CD-R 11066 has a shiny silver top surface which is suitable for paper labeling, printing with a thermal printer or using CD Pen to write on the surface. This is a bulk packaged MAM-A digital audio CD-R.
Price: $94.00

MAM-A (Mitsui) Digital Audio CD-R 80 with SCMS, 1x-12x, White Inkjet Printable - 11272
Inkjet MAM-A/Mitsui Digital Audio CD-R 11272 has a white inkjet printable surface for usesr that can print directly on the surface of the CD-R with an inkjet printer. The MAM-A Mitsui Digital Audio CD-R has a stacking ring and therefore can't be printed in the hub.
Price: $94.00

MAM-A (Mitsui) Gold Digital Audio with SCMS, CD-R 74, 1x-12x, White Inkjet Printable in a Jewel Case - 11349
Inkjet Printable MAM-A Mitsui Gold Digital Audio CD-R 11349. The MAM-A 11349 has a white inkjet printable surface for users that can print directly on the surface of the CD-R with an inkjet printer. It has a stack ring and isn't hub printable. It also has SCMS which makes it compatible with standalone home audio CD burners. Packaged in a jewel case.
Price: $94.00


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