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Archive CD-R

MAM-A CD-R, Digital Audio, Gold CD-R, Archive CD-R Mitsui (MAM-A) offers a full line of professional CD-R

Archive CD-R

MAM-A Archival Gold CD-R has improved characteristics over standard gold CD-Rs. Archive Gold CD-Rs are hand picked, tested and approved as a superior grade. All Gold CD-Rs are suited for Archiving data and will provide accuracy and integetrity for over 300 years, but the Archive Gold CD-R is inspected for perfection. If you need a mission critical CD-R for Archiving and want the absolute best disc that is available, then you should use the MAM-A Archive Gold CD-R. More about Gold CD-Rs in general.....a Gold CD-R has a 24 karat gold reflective layer that improves data/audio accuracy and greatly improves the longevity of data integrity. MAM-A Gold CD-R has a life expectancy beyond 300 years. Gold CD-Rs are highly resistant to oxidation which has been determined to be the cause of data integrity, thus making MAM-A Gold CD-R the only choice for professionals who archive data and audio. MAM-A stands for Mitsui Advanced Media of America. Many professionals still refer to MAM-A as Mitsui. They are both the same company. MAM-A is considered by many professionals to be the best blank media manufacturer in the world. MAM-A controls every aspect of production from raw materials to finished packaged product. This control allows MAM-A to perfect the manufacturing process and more importantly to consistently produce blank CD-R media at the highest quality. MAM-A manufactures here in the US in Colorado as well as Japan.

MAM-A (Mitsui) Archive Gold CD-R 74, 52X, Gold Matte Finish Thermal Surface - 45113
MAM-A Mitsui Archive Gold CD-R has a reputation that is synonomous with superior quality. This Mitsui Archive Gold CD-R is a 650 MB/ 74 Minutes capacity and has a gold matte finish surface for users that want to print with a monocolor thermal printer, apply a label or just simply write on the surface with a CD pen.
Price: $224.00

MAM-A (Mitsui) Archive Gold CD-R 74, 52X, White Inkjet Printable (41186)
MAM-A White Inkjet Archive Gold CD-Rs are for users that want to print with a color inkjet printer, or just simply write on the surface with a CD pen. Archive Gold CD-Rs have a 24 karat gold reflective layer which improves the recording accuracy, ensures longevity and has the most resistance to chemical breakdown and oxidation.
Price: $220.00


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