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Teac P-55 Color Thermal Printer

Teac P-55C Photo Color CD DVD Thermal Printer

TEAC's new P-55C thermal printer changes the standards for image resolution, quality and print speeds. TEAC P-55C is the world's only dye-sublimation thermal disc printer providing the world's highest image quality and fastest print speeds in its product class. It is also the only full-color CMYK (Cayenne, Magenta, Yellow, Black) thermal printer with "True Black".

The P55 printer's technology ushers in a new era of high quality CD and DVD printing, producing professional photo-quality CD and DVD prints that are truly unmatched. The CD and DVD printing has been given a new meaning. TEAC's P55 disc printer blows away traditional screen printing and replaces it with unsurpassed quality never before seen on a disc printer. The TEAC P-55C is an ideal solution for high-quality on-demand CD, DVD or Blu-ray printing. It produces the world's finest professionally printed CD and DVD discs. The new P-55C features an innovative thermal retransfer print system that allows for dye-sublimation printing with a photo ribbon. It prints full-color, CMYK discs that can be created quickly and effortlessly. The P-55C is truly impressive.

Dye-sublimation technology is achieved when using the P-55 photo ribbon. It produces a continuous tone color print on the surface of the disc at 290LPI. Continuous tone means NO DOTS! It produces the same look of a developed photo print. The ink is converted to gas before being applied to the surface of the disc. The P-55 disc printer has been optimized to produce vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image produced. The resolution is the highest dye-sublimation disc printing resolution in the industry today. TEAC's P55 Thermal Disc Printer produces high quality CD and DVD prints directly onto discs that are photo realistic. TEAC has redefined the industry standard with its thermal disc printer.

Produce fantastic looking CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs on demand. A single disc takes 55 seconds to print and there's no need to apply an additional protective coating
The TEAC P-55 offers excellent value by saving up to 30% in comparison with conventional printing methods.The discs, once printed, are scratchproof, UV-protected and water repellent. The TEAC P-55 is an economical standalone solution for high quality, professionally finished CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.Once printed, the TEAC P-55 permanently seals the image in place using the latest in re-transfer printing technology. This results in an absolutely borderless, exceptional quality print result. The TEAC P-55 is supplied with easy to configure and use software. This allows any user to quickly generate images for print with text, graphics, logos etc. in full color.

Available Ribbons: Photo, Color, Black & Versamax.
The Color ribbon is suitable when printing simple pictures, graphics & text. The color ribbon is the everyday use color ribbon.
The Photo ribbon offers greater color range and resolution than the color ribbon and should be used when the very best resolution is required. The Photo ribbon is a dye-sublimation process that converts the ink to gas before appying it to the disc surface. Dye-sublimation will produce a continuous tone print with a resolution of 290LPI. The print head temperature is adjusted which changes the colors on the photo ribbon to give greater variation on hues and tints.
The Black Ribbon is for printing photos and text in black. Capable of printing 256 shades of grey.

The Versamax Ribbon is used for printing on a wide range of media. It has an primer layer that is applied first before the colors. The primer layer will allow the printer to utilize shiny silver media, which is less expensive. Saving you money on your consumable media.

The TEAC P-55 is designed as a professional solution that can be used in various corporate areas and industries and is perfect for software and music distribution, for company presentations or for local sales promotions. Professional duplicators will also find the TEAC P-55 to be an invaluable addition to their just-in-time manufacturing process.

Features and Benefits
•World's Only Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer.
•World's Highest Image Quality Dye-Sublimation CD and DVD Printer.
•New "Quiet Operation" Technology.
•World's only four color CMYK Thermal Disc Printer with "True Black".
•Superior color blending and smoothest gradients.
•Exclusive VersaMax Ribbon Provides Widest Media Compatibility,
• Therefore, the Lowest Cost Per Printed Disc.
•Professional Photo-Quality CD/DVD/Blu-ray Printing.
•Most Widely Supported by 3rd Party Robotic Manufacturers.
•Black Ribbon Features 256 Shades of Grey.
•Fixed Cost Per Printed Disc.
•Professional, Consistent-Looking, Durable and Permanent CD and DVD Prints.
•Scratch and Water Proof, Fade Resistant, and UV-Protected CD and DVD Prints.

Download Teac P-55 Thermal Printer PDF
Download Teac P-55 vs Everest III PDF

Part No. P-55-111












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Teac P-55 Printer
Teac P-55 Thermal Printer
• Model: P-55C-210
• Printing Method: Thermal Re-transfer/ Dye Sublimation
• Media: 12cm CD/DVD Disc
• Ribbon Capacity: 500 images / ribbon (Color, Photo, Versamax)
• Ribbon Capacity: 2000 images / ribbon (Black)
• Print Resolution: 400 dpi
• Printing Speed: 55 Sec per Disc (12cm Disc)

Part No. P-55-111

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Teac AutoLoader with P-55 Printer
Teac P-55 Thermal Printer
• Complete Stand-Alone Automated Printer Solution
• Thermal or Inkjet Disc Printing System
• Network Printer Capabilities
• Networking Hardware and Software Included
• PC and Mac Compatible


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Equipment Specifications
Part No. Part No. P-55-111
Printing Method Dye Sublimation / Thermal Re-Transfer
Media 12cm and 8cm CD/DVD Media
Ribbon Capacity 500 images / ribbon (Color, Photo, VersaMax) 2000 images / ribbon (Black)
Interface USB 2.0 and IEEE 1284 ECP
Printing Speeds VersaMax: 68 discs per hour
Color: 68 discs per hour
Photo: 58 discs per hour
Black: 104 discs per hour
Printer Driver Windows CISTA/XP, Linux Fedora 9, 32-bit
Power Voltage 100-240Vac 50-60Hz (manual switch)
Power Consumption 500W or less
Dimensions 11.875"(W) x 9.5"(H) x 15.312"(D)
Weight 48.5lbs

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• Print Quality: Equivalent of 300 DPI (dots per inch) using variable dot technology
• Ribbons:
Monochrome (Black)
CMY (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)
CMY+W (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and White)
• Printing Speed:
60 seconds or less for CMY color coverage.
66 seconds for CMY+W
• Printing Modes: Monochrome, CMY, and CMY+W

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