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Microtech Xpress XE

Microtech Xpress XD

The Microtech Xpress XD is a duplication system built for high volume production of CDs and DVDs. Perfect for continuous use 24 hours a day, the Xpress XD is used by industries around the world. With the highest throughput, scalable architecture and feature rich software the Xpress XD is a duplicator in a class by itself.

The Xpress XD system has a 600-disc capacity, robotic handler and an integrated PC for maximum performance. Operating as a standalone desktop unit, the Xpress XD provides unmatched performance utilizing 6 disc recorders and a full color label printer. Everything you need for volume duplication is included with the Xpress XD.

Automatically print text and graphics on to your discs with the highest-quality inkjet or thermal disc printers on the market. The inkjet printer provides up to 4800 dpi print resolution with the sharpest photo-quality text and graphics imaginable. The thermal transfer technology is fast and extremely economical and the print is both waterproof and indelible. Mixed-media permits loading a combination of CDs and DVDs or different sized discs may be simultaneously loaded and used.

These duplication and publishing solutions can be found working around the clock in all of the following industries: Music, Service Bureau, Banking & Financial, Government, Software, Video, Gaming, Medical, Telecommunications, Manufacturing

The Xpress XD supports the following formats Blu-ray, DVD Video and DVD-ROM, ISO 9660, HFS, mixed-mode,hybrid, audio (CD-DA), Video CD, CD-ROM/XA, Joliet, Romeo, Rockridge, UDF, CD-I, CD Plus, and CD+G(Karaoke) formats.

All Xpress hardware is warranted for one year. Unaltered, defective hardware will be repaired or replaced. The Microtech help desk has instant access to the complete history of your particular Microtech system and support needs. Contact Microtech Sales for more information about on-site service, installation, training, replacement and extended warranties.

• Xpress XD System Features600
• Disc Capacity
• 6 DVD Combo Recorders
• High-Quality Inkjet, Thermal Printer or Photo
• Thermal
• Lights-Out Automated Duplication
• Supports All Formats
• Integrated Windows PC
• Fast Robotics
• Modular Design

This Product is Discontinued

Equipment Specifications
DVD Combo Recorders 4 or 6
Disc Capacity 600 (Unattended)
Handling Removable Spindles
Integrated PC Windows Operating System
Hard Drive Capacity (3) 160 GB
Network 100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions 22.1"W x 22.2"D x 30.6"H
Electrical Requirements 6A @ 120 Volts
3A @ 220 Volts
Disc Printer Inkjet, Thermal or Photo Thermal
Monitor 17” Flat Panel LCD
Software ImageMaker EZ, DiscPrint,
MyDisc Standalone
Image Aligner2 Optional
Security Cover Optional
Optional Software MyDisc Enterprise
Rockridge Premastering

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