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Your Favorite Printer, Epson, Adds Label Maker to Repertoire

ElectronicsNancy Woo27 October 2011

Epson printers are, hands down, some of the best printers on the market, and they are world renowned for their simple, sleek and multi-function printing products. Espson Inkjet printers, Epson All-in-One printers, even Epson scanners and projectors make up this expansive catalogue of high quality printing machines. And now, to the delight of many an organizational mind, Epson has released a specialty product: the LabelWorks label printer.

Those with a tendency to over-organize will absolutely love this new toy. Released by Epson America, Inc. just this month, the LabelWorks label maker comes in two varieties: the LW-300 and LW-400. Both share qualities of high customizability and easy functionality. And best of all, these little gadgets have so many sizes of tape available for it, so many colors and fonts, and so many symbols, frames and other unique embellishments that any labeling task can be made fun and creative.

Some of the other interesting functions of the LabelWorks label printer:

  • Small, easy to handle handheld device with a two-line screen and full keyboard.
  • Glowing backlight screen so that wherever you happen to be – the basement, attic or closet – the device is easily readable. No need to lug all grandma’s boxes down from the attic just for a little bit of light!
  • Ability to save up to dozens up labels for future use. The LW-300 allows the saving of 30 labels, and the LW-400 allows 50. No need to type in a favorite label over and over again.
  • Customizability of label sizes, so that there is less waste. Once the label size is chosen, it is printed with a perforated edge for easy separation. No need to get tangled up in scissors.
  • 300+ symbols, 75+ frames, 14 fonts and 10 styles, choice of barcodes.
  • Works with more than 40 tape cartridges in traditional colors and specialized media.
  • Compatible with dozens of tape sizes and styles, from 6 to 12 millimeters in size, of durable variety and in many different colors and patterns.

Office managers, lawyers, students, professors and all organizational gurus are sure to love the features of this product. Even for those who regard label making as a monotonous activity, they may be surprised at the creativity they will unleash with the LabelWorks label printer. And because it’s from Epson, the quality is assured.

The LW-300 goes for about $39.99 and the LW-400 is roughly $49.99.

So get those little fingers a-tapping; isn’t it about high time you brought some order to that attic? Take this little guy, your choice of colorful tape, and all those boxes you’ve been storing since the kids were born, then pour yourself a cup of lemonade, and make a day of it.

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