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Yoga or Exercise Instructional DVDs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 April 2014

Think about any industry that happened to have their methods and teachings on VHS? Remember those? Well whether you are teaching your students the correct form through yoga DVDs or any of the trendy DVDs out on the market now – in the way of T25, Insanity, Jillian Michaels, or any other exercise infomercial on TV, you may have a business that could benefit from marketing DVDs to your clientele. Traditionally, companies like to outsource the duplication or replication services in Los Angeles to major replication companies. This can be useful especially if you have large quantities you are expecting to sell or give to your clients. However, if you have anything in the range of 1000 discs needed at a time, purchasing your own automated duplicator or tower duplicator can actually be more business efficient for you. This means you will need to source your own blank media and the like; however, if you plan to make multiple runs of this type of format in these quantities, it is better to conduct this on your own.

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