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What Shelf Life to Expect from Your DVDs

DVD-RHawksM13 April 2011

At Gotmedia we’re all about providing our customers not only with the highest quality products and service, but we like to throw in some industry and product information for good measure. Today we’re going to look at the longevity or shelf life of a DVD product.

The Gist

With record keeping and memory saving transitioned, in most part, to the digital realm, it’s more important than ever to be aware of potential deterioration of the medium you’re using to store data and the risks of data loss or damage.

Unfortunately, when it comes to DVD data storage, there’s no catchall answer for how long your DVD will last. Your DVD’s ability to stand the test of time relies on quite a few factors, including:

- The quality of the DVDs manufacturing process
- The quality of the conditions the DVD is stored in
- The material used to make the DVD

For instance, extreme heat and humidity can create hazardous storing conditions for your DVD, as well as the sensitivity of the top surface of the DVD, which is where your data is actually stored. While most discs are manufactured with a silver material, studies have shown that a “gold” brand may last longer. Specifically, the MAM-A Gold DVD lasts upwards of 2,200 hours, compared to its silver competitor, which lasts just 1,300 hours. And, discs that use cyanine dye tend to deteriorate quicker.

What you can do to make your disc last

We don’t just give you the facts; we want to arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. So here goes.

- Store discs in individual cases
- Keep discs shielded from heat or humid areas
- Periodically clean stored DVDs with a soft dry cloth (wiping the underside in a radial motion inner to outer direction)
- Store in cardboard containers that include silica gel packets to absorb any moisture
- Make multiple back ups of your discs as a safety precaution

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