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What is LightScribe Printing Technology?

CD-R, DVD-RHawksM13 October 2009

One of the most interesting things to come from HP in the past few years is the advent of LightScribe technology. This is a laser-etching device that utilizes specially coated CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. You will be able to add text, graphics, and even photos directly onto the media. This opens up many creative possibilities.

When the technology was first introduced, the only color discs available were sepia. While you could still create some amazing effects with the media, many people longed for more colors. Today, you can find red, orange, blue, yellow, and green, which will give you even more options when you create a disc. In addition, the speed of the CD-Rs and DVD-Rs is greater than it was when they were first introduced.

One of the benefits of the LightScribe technology is that you no longer have to struggle with the stick-on labels. As most people can attest, one misstep with those old labels and you could ruin the CD-R or DVD-R and have to start over. A benefit over the inkjet printable media is that you don’t have to worry about letting the disc dry when the printing is complete.

The discs are easy to use. After you have added files to your disc, you will then remove the disc from the drive and turn it over so that the label side is now facing the laser. Create the design that you want for your CD and then “print”. The laser will take care of everything else.

You will need to have a disc writer that is compatible with this technology, as well as the special CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. While you might not want to spend money on getting a new drive, consider some of the benefits that the LightScribe printing technology brings.

First, you don’t have to struggle with ink or labels anymore, and you don’t have to worry about the label causing a problem when you put the CD-R or DVD-R into a drive.

You will be able to use the LightScribe discs to label everything and keep organized. Label your photo discs, your music discs, and everything else that you have.

The technology is great for bands that sell their products at their shows, artists, and more. They can simply burn the discs with their logo and track list and then sell them. They look great and they are easy to use. They also make a better looking gift than a CD-R with a hastily scrawled title in black marker.

If you are interested in Lightscribe DVD-R or CD-R check out our lightScribe section

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