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What is a Dual Layer DVD +/- R?

DVD DLHawksM22 September 2009

Most people who know anything about computers know that they are able to record and store their files on CDs and DVDs. They may even know that different kinds of storage media work better for different files. However, they may not know exactly what a dual layer disc is or why it is beneficial.

First, you need to understand how a dual layer disc is different from a regular recordable DVD. The dual layer discs have a second layer (thus the name), that is on the disc. When you have a drive that is able to read and record on the discs, the drive will shine its laser through the first layer to reach the second layer.

The Dual Layer DVD-R and DVD+R can store far more data than one of the regular DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs. The single layer discs that you might have lying around your office can hold 4.7 gigabytes worth of data. While this might seem like quite a lot of space to have on your disc, the dual layer discs can hole twice as much at 8.54 gigabytes.

Recordable DVD has two formats, plus R (+R) and minus R (-R).  Typically minus R (-R) is the most widely used for format single layer DVD, however plus R (+R) is the most widely used format for DVD DL or dual layer DVD. So…….. stick with +R for dual layer DVD and -R for single layer DVD. We get that question alot.

The cost of the dual layer discs can be much higher than single layered discs, and considering the extra amount of space that you have for storage, they are certainly worth the price difference. If you have a lot of data that you want to keep in one place rather than storing it on several discs, then the dual layer discs might be just the thing you need.

However, while they can hold extra data, it does take longer to write to these discs. If this is a factor, then you may wish to continue using the single layer discs.

Most of the DVD recorders and drives on the market today are compatible with these dual layer discs, so you don’t have to worry about using something that your drive won’t be able to read. You should have no trouble, but you might want to do a test run and buy just one disc to make sure that everything works fine.

Something that you should note is that you might get a pause when the laser changes layers. This is something that happens with all of these dual layer discs and it isn’t something you need to worry about and it isn’t a problem with your disc or your drive.

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