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What Does USB Duplication Mean and What Are its Benefits?

UncategorizedHawksM01 October 2009

For a number of years, the most common method of saving and storing data, as well as passing data on to other people in your company or even within your own family has been through recordable CDs and DVDs. Even with the advent of the USB devices, people still tend to consider the CDs and DVDs when it comes to replicating their content or storing their content. Things are starting to change though.

More and more people are now using the USB memory sticks, and they are using them in a variety of ways. Of course, most people tend to use them to transfer files and data from one computer to another, but today’s memory sticks have far more options. They are far cheaper than they were when they first hit the market, and you will be able to buy one of the sticks that have a large enough capacity to hold even your largest files.

USB duplication is a great way to get your content into the hands of the people that you want to have it. Many companies are offering this service, and you can find them all online. You can send them the files that you want preloaded onto the USB and then order the amount of devices that you want.

You can even have your logo printed onto the USB memory stick that holds your presentation, catalog, or any other file that you want to give to your customers or potential customers. This way, the customer has a reminder of what is on the disk and from whom it came. It also means that after the customer has deleted your content, your logo is still on the device that they use everyday. When they need the service you offer, they will have your logo, website, and whatever else you put on the device on hand.

Of course, you don’t only have to use the devices for customers. You can use a USB duplication service and load it with a presentation for your employees, an employee handbook, photos of the family, and just about anything else that you wish.

One of the great benefits of this kind of service is that you can have all of the content that you would have placed on a CD in the convenience of a USB memory stick. They are smaller, easier to carry, and less likely to break.

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