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Waterproof Inkjet DVD-R and CD-R Media

Inkjet Printable MediaHawksM23 April 2009

In the professional CD and DVD duplication industry one of the downsides of inkjet printing was the fact that it smudged if touched during the dry time, also it would smeared if it came in contact with a liquid even after it was dry. In 2008, we have seen the introduction of waterproof inkjet media surfaces by Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Imation. Waterproof inkjet media allows consumers and professionals alike to label CDs and DVDs with the ease and flexibility of using an inkjet printer combined with the advantages of a permanent waterproof surface. When you print on a waterproof inkjet CD-R or DVD-R, you not only get a glossy finished look (which provides better color contrast), but you also get more protection against moisture, smudging and damage from the elements.

When might you want to work with waterproof media? Here are some situations:

•    You’re archiving data for your company and storing it in a basement that has a history of flooding.

•    You’re burning a bunch of audio CDs to take on a wilderness trip, during which you might be exposed to harsh elemental conditions.

•    You’re compiling a presentation for a “give away” at a sales conference, and you anticipate that the people who will be receiving your demos will treat them roughly, so you want to prevent your labeling from rubbing off. (if your contact information rubs off the disc, an interested buyer might not be able to find you).

The Taiyo Yuden Company makes waterproof inkjet printable DVD-R and CD-R named Watershield. Taiyo Yuden Watershield DVD-R is offered in a 16x record speed and the CD-R is a 52x. Both CD-R and DVD-R Watershield discs are hub printable allowing inkjet printing on a larger part of the disc surface (closer to the center hole of the disc). These discs are great for color inkjet printers. The Watershield coating dries rapidly and resists both water and smudging.

Another waterproof inkjet product is the AquaAce Water Resistant DVD-R manufactured by Verbatim. This disc will provide exceptional color contrast, edge to edge printing, compatibility with a wide variety of printers, a lifetime warranty, and very rapid dry times.

Check out our available line of Waterproof Inkjet DVD-R and Waterproof Inkjet CD-R.

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