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Vinpower Brings Blu-ray Testing Technology to General Market

ElectronicsHawksM01 February 2011

Vinpower Brings Blu-ray Testing Technology to General Market

Held in regard for years as one of the most efficient technologies for testing Blu-ray media, the Stress Tester from Vinpower Digital has been made available to the public for the first time.

After successful adoption by leading media manufacturers, Vinpower released its Stress Tester product to the masses, providing an authentic environment for testing the duplication quality of optical disc media across multiple format and device types.

The Stress Tester product tests the performance of multiple writer drives as they burn content to optical discs — simultaneously or asynchronously — using a single control device. This approach is much more demanding to the device than burning one disc at a time through a computer’s single write drive.

The benefit of Vinpower’s solution is that it allows the user to simultaneously test Blu-ray recordable media on multiple types of devices made by varied manufacturers through different Blu-ray writers. Test results identify whether the devices passes, clearing it for certification as “duplication grade media.” Failed test results will product a report identifying how and where problems occurred.

“Unless you are able to reproduce these extreme situations with recordable media, there is no guarantee that media can hold up,” said Ryan Swerdloff, VP of Marketing and Sales at Vinpower Digital.

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