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Verbatim Unleashes the Smallest USB Drive Yet

Flash MemoryHawksM25 August 2011

As laptop computers get thinner and thinner and computer chips get smaller and smaller, USB drives seem to be also a part of the disappearing race. Earlier this summer, Verbatim unleashed two ultra-tiny USB devices, the Store’n’Stay and Tuff’N’Tiny. When shopping for the perfect mini drive, you can compare the two to see which might better fit your needs.

USB drives, also known as jump drives, flash drives and thumb drives (because they’re about the size of a thumb) are widely known to be secure, compact and easily transportable devices to store and transfer data. Most USB devices hold between 2 GB and 64 GB of information, and the capacity you choose will depend on what sorts of files you are moving. For video games, graphics or other large multimedia files, the bigger the storage capacity, the better. For everyday files like documents or low-resolution images, a smaller capacity would work just fine.

So, small is standard for all USB drives, and that’s part of the nature of them. However, “thumb drive” doesn’t even accurately describe the new generations of USB sticks anymore because like many turns of phrase, something new has come along to turn it on its head. The Verbatim Tuff’N’Tiny USB is the smallest USB on the market now, and not even the size of a thumb – in fact, it’s not even as thick as a penny nor as wide as a dime. This puppy is seriously small, and might better be nicknamed the “penny drive.”

Penny-thin, travel-tough and water-impermeable, the Verbatim Tuff’n’Tiny USB drive fits on any keychain, in pockets or wallets and is tailor made for those who are constantly on the go and need something that can travel lightly with them. It is not, however, probably so great for children or people who tend to lose things since it is barely an inch by a half-inch in size.

Like that old catchphrase, the Tuff’n’Tiny may be small, but it is mighty. Durable, rugged and resistant to dust, water and static, this device is made to go places and last. In fact, it has a lifetime limited warranty and fared well in torture tests, including having a brick dropped on it. The reviews have been generally positive as to overall durability, and of course, it is revolutionary in its physical size. The Tuff’n’Tiny fits in all standard USB ports and is compatible with Windows, Vista, Mac and Linux. It is offered in different colors in sizes of 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB, and offers password security.

Now how much, you say? Well, for such a little work of art, the price is not necessarily any higher than other typical flash drives. The 32 GB Tuff’n’Tiny goes for $97.50 straight from the Verbatim website, with the 2 GB costing only $9.75.

For comparison, Verbatim has another super small flash drive on the market with a different marketing angle. The Store’n’Stay is not as superhumanly tiny as the Tuff’n’Tiny, but is still no bigger around than a dime. Its shape is different, made with the person on the go still in mind, but this time, the perk is that you can easily keep the drive in your computer as you pack it away in its carrying case, snag free.

This device is perfect for those forgetful folks who might not remember their flash drive is in the laptop before hurriedly packing up and jetting out of Starbucks. And this one comes in three sizes: 4, 8 and 16 GB, ranging in price from $19.99 to $59.99, with the same general fine print as the Tuff’n’Tiny.

So whatever your personal preference for almost unbelievably small USB devices, Verbatim has a few to choose from that you can tuck happily away in your pocket, wallet or keychain. Size it up and see.

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