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Verbatim Pocket CDs Perfect for the Digital Resume

UncategorizedNancy Woo06 October 2011

Did you know that you can fit a CD in your pocket? And this statement applies even to those without exceptionally large pockets.

“How can this be possible?” you ask, bewildered. Aren’t CDs a pretty hefty, nearly 5 inches in diameter? Well, let me tell you.

Verbatim has a special line of Pocket CDs that are only 3 inches around, and therefore, pocket perfect. They’re so cute and transportable! They come in various colors and can be burned in regular CD drives.

Of course, the smaller the size, the smaller the storage, but Pocket CDs definitely have their time and place. They can hold up to 185 MB of data, or 21 minutes of music, graphics or digital video clips, or 3 hours of compressed audio.

For such a relatively small storage space, why not just use your handy dandy USB device? You may wonder. And here is my favorite reason: The Pocket CD, unlike the USB, can be given away to people you come in contact with, say, a friend, aunt, teacher – or prospective employer.

Of course, you will probably want to print out a hard copy of your resume as you enter that interviewing office, but the Pocket CD is perfect to use as a portable, digital resume. Perhaps you have writing samples, charts, tables, graphics, statistics or extra references that might be cumbersome to lug around in your resume folder.

Solution? Store them on a Pocket CD and hand them neatly to your future employer. You might even want to include a special folder pocket and CD sleeve for your Pocket CD. This method of transferring information is sure to impress. You’ll not only impress them with your technological know-how and preparedness, but you’ll make it easy for them to see your portfolio of work on their own computer, at their convenience. It’s much more savvy than sending a huge email or asking them to wait as you upload your files from a USB.

Other uses for the Pocket CD include storing files for a project to turn in as homework to your teacher or employer. They’re conveniently small to pass off to record companies or executives with demos of your music. And, of course, it’s a cute, nice way of giving a friend or romantic partner a mixtape of your music, without carrying too much bulk.

Both fun and professional, the Pocket CD is a perfect little thing to tote around.

So cute and colorful.

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