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Verbatim Improves Data Storage with New Product Suite

Flash MemoryHawksM06 May 2010

“Secure ‘n’ Go,” a new series of products offered by Verbatim, features an enhanced USB products and SSD drive, addressing the need of professional and private users to secure data on mobile storage devices. Verbatim’s Secure Data USB Drives and SSD ExpressCards offer industry-first AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256bit hardware security encryption and integrated password protection.

The added feature on Verbatim’s new product line allows the user to implement a personalized form of data security via the Web. The SSD ExpressCard or USB drive can be registered online to activate the use of a lock, unlock, or erase feature. Remotely, from the Web, users can initiate “lock” mode, restricting access to the device by disengaging password entry, or “erase all data” mode in case the device becomes lost or stolen.

And, Verbatim reports, the SSD ExpressCard is portable and convenient, fitting inside a laptop PCI ExpressCard slot.

Other products in the series include: Solid State Drives, DVDs and Central Remote Management. Verbatim launched the products at the Infosecurity Show in London at the end of April and made them available as of May 2010.

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