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Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD, CD and Blu-ray Media

VerbatimHawksM11 September 2009

Verbatim is one of the most well known names when it comes to DVD-R, CD-R, DVD DL and Blu-ray media. They have a great reputation for quality and reliability. Many people see Verbatim brand media in their local stores when shopping for blank media. It is important to look for media that has Verbatim’s DataLifePlus distinction when shopping for blank media. Many times stores will only stock the lower grade media form Verbatim.  DataLifePlus means the disc is of professional grade, which is important for the quality and longevity of the disc. DataLifePlus is higher quality because the dye layer is thicker.  The dye layer is where the data is stored when burning a CD or DVD. Inexpensive or generic discs tend to have very thin dye layers which can lead to failed discs during the burning process. A thin dye layer could also lead to data loss and data corruption within 1 year. When you have important files that you need stored and kept safe, you want to have a disk that you know is not going to fail your or corrupt your files.

DataLifePlus discs incorporate Verbatim’s proprietary Metal Azo recording dye technology, fine-tuned to produce exceptional results at the highest write speeds, while maintaining compatibility with lower speed recording devices and assuring long archival lifetimes for important data. DataLifePlus DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs are manufactured utilizing a patented phase-change recording layer, Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL), which minimizes noise during write/rewrite cycles and provides superior archival stability.

Because the drives of today are faster and more powerful than they were just a few years ago, it makes burning discs more susceptible to failure during the recording/burn process.  Verbatim DataLifePlus media performs excellent with various recording speeds and various drive manufacturers. Verbatim DataLifeDiscs are tested for compatibility with all the leading drive manufacturers.

No matter what type of files you need to place on blank media, you can be sure that Verbatim DataLifePlus media will perform extremely well. No one wants to lose any of their files, so it is important that you use a quality DVD-R, CD-R, DVD+R DL or Blu-ray Disc.

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