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Verbatim’s Partner Blu-ray Disc Plant Announces Increase of Production Lines

Blu-ray MediaHawksM17 June 2010

As promised, the president of the Mitsubishi Chemical Infonics (MCI) plant has agreed to increase production of Blu-ray discs (BD) at its Singapore plant to keep pace with consumer demand.

A new manufacturing facility has opened production of at least two lines for the BD-R DL 50GB and BD-R LTH 2GB products. The BD-R DL production line has also been jump-started and was scheduled to begin shipping in May.

The expanded production schedule will increase the plant’s production by 300,000 discs per month, and the BD-R LTH line, alone, will increase in production from 400,000 discs per month to close to 1 million discs with a specific focus on 4x and 6x high-speed recordable products

To make the production increase possible Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd., owner of the MCI plant, has instituted technological innovations that combine the company’s inorganic recording layer technology, BD-R double-layer single-sided technology, and DVD+/-R DL double-layer technology to manufacture high-quality BD-R DL discs. The company also drew on dye media technology used on it CD-R, DVD+/-R, and DVD+/-R DL lines along and pioneering media design engineering to create a reliable organic recording dye for the BD-R LTH production line.

Mitsubishi Kagaku Media is expected to announce further production expansion in the coming months.

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