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True HD Resolution with BD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 March 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard high definition described simply as 1920x1080i or 720i, but did you know that a true high definition resolution isn’t just the pixel dimension that your HD TV can display… consider the source. I’m sure you’ve seen the difference between your HD channels and SD channels from your TV cable or satellite provider, or maybe you’ve seen when browsing the internet the option to stream a video in HD format. Also on the internet, through TV video services or through i-Tunes, you can download an HD MPEG-4 file; but did you know that none of these formats are actually “true HD” as in uncompressed or not in a streaming format? Most video formats delivered to our TVs are compressed or progessive in some way, but it’s only through Blu-ray disc, or BD-R media that video can be displayed at a full HD resolution with minimal compression at all, because it doesn’t have to stream through the internet or cable service. BD-R media has the capacity to hold very large uncompressed HD video files with no streaming necessary!

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