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Trends in CD Duplication Packaging and Printing

CD DVD PackagingHawksM06 April 2011

Most often when discussing CD and DVD duplication, conversation revolves around the production aspect. We don’t often touch on the destruction or, in other words, what to do with the waste. Much like in many other industries the CD/DVD replication business is trending toward sustainable packaging and other eco-friendly means of production, so that when discs reach their shelf life they’re making the most minimal impact on the environment possible.

In addition to regulations trending toward more pollution controls for trashed CDs and DVDs, individual companies are taking the initiative toward sustainable packaging and printing. Recycled papers and cardboards are being used in the production of CD sleeves and jackets made from 100 percent recycled fiber. These materials are not only eco friendly they are comparable to traditional products in terms of durability and longevity and aren’t limiting in terms of printing options. Plus, this new style of eco-conscious packaging is typically lighter and, therefore, cheaper to ship.

When it comes to printing, it’s difficult to avoid some of the harsh, petroleum-based chemicals used in the production process, but now the printing process is trending toward more natural inks. Soy and vegetable extracts can be used as an ink base, and several ink producers have introduced products into the market that are compatible with existing printers. And with these “green” inks you won’t lose anything in quality; your print jobs will be flawless just like they’ve always been.

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