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Tower Duplicators vs Automated Duplicators

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 May 2014

Tower duplicators vs automated duplicators – what’s the difference? You may be thinking a duplicating piece of equipment all serves the same function but tower duplicators and automated duplicators are vastly different.

Tower duplicators are machines that consist of a reader drive and several stacked burner drives. These burner drives are typically anywhere from 5 drives to 50 drives. GotMedia has a variety of all sizes depending on your small business needs. Users have to manually load the original, master disc into the reader drive and the blank discs into each individual burner drive. Tower duplicators are manual in nature and are really best used for short run duplication needs. If you work at a church, a school, or a smaller organization, tower duplicators will likely serve your needs.

Automated duplicators, however, are just that – they are automated. They do have similar qualities to the tower duplicator such as needing a reader drive and several burner drives, but they consist of an input bin where you can literally load in a stack of blank discs and the automated duplicator will then sort through these and load them into the burner drives for you.

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