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Print Awesome Summer Photos With Epson

Epson, Inkjet Printable MediaNancy Woo23 May 2012

It’s finally summer and the world is alive with sun – a perfect opportunity for taking some fantastic photos in great light. Oh, and May is National Photography Month? How perfect! If you’re planning on taking some high quality photos this summer, you’ll need a printer to match your style.

Though we’re living in the days of Instragram and camera phones, the real photography connoisseur will still be looking for ways to capture and print the most striking visual images. Look no further than the Epson line of color printers.

Particularly, the The EPSON Stylus Photo R2000 is a match made in heaven for the artist’s eye. It’s a Editor’s Choice winner and is designed to turn any photo into an expert print. This special printer uses Ultra-Chrome Hi-Gloss 2 printer ink to make colors pop, and it is compatible with many different paper types, allowing the freedom to choose your own medium. It will print on cut sheet and roll paper, fine art media, canvas, art boards and even CDs and DVDs.

The eight-color ink set utilizes a high gloss finish to make any photo look vibrant and smooth, and AccuPhoto HG screening technology ensures uniformly high print quality on any paper surface. This is truly an artist’s printer, as it features built-in pigment-based inks, superior media handling and a large paper capacity. It’s also accessible, connecting to EtherNet, Wireless or USB 2.0.

Tips For Printing:

  • Get familiar with settings: Because this printer can accommodate various printing mediums, make sure you’ll be choosing the correct setting. If you’re printing on canvas, make sure to let the printer know.
  • Print on canvas! An amazing feature of this printer is that you can actually print on canvas, and if you choose to use the Exhibition Canvas Matte feature, you can turn your summer photos into beautiful, professional-level works of art.
  • Let them dry: This printer uses high-quality professional ink, so it prints out photos that could have just come from the dark room. For this reason, you’ll be best off letting these puppies dry for about 24 hours before showcasing them in your home art gallery.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your summer and bring some art into your life, just grab a camera, put on your artist hat and print out your favorite memories in glossy high-definition prints with Epson’s innovative Stylus Photo R2000. Retailed at around $499.99, this could be a great addition to your studio and an investment that will keep you in the artist’s seat for years to come.


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