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Tips for Fixing DVD Duplication Drive Problems

ElectronicsHawksM31 December 2010

Before running out to buy the latest and greatest disc duplicator, try our few simple solutions to see if you can solve your equipment problems on your own.

Let’s start with the basics.

Make sure your machine is running quiet and smooth. Any malfunctions may be a result of your equipment not getting the proper ventilation.  And always make sure you try a second or even third DVD just to make doubly sure that your problem isn’t the disc itself; the original disc may just be scratched, smudged, or dirty.

If power is your problem…

There’s no harm in checking the power source itself. Try plugging in other cords into the outlet your malfunctioning device is using, and, as the reverse, try plugging you device into another outlet. Also, make sure your surge protector works in a different outlet. If all those options seem to work, you may just need to replace the power cord of your device and not the entire machine itself.

Considering that internal DVD drives are powered by connector, try another one. If this doesn’t work, the drive is most likely faulty.

If the tray is your problem…

Always start with a reboot; your device may have simply experienced a minor glitch. Upon reboot pay attention to the display to make sure the device shows up as installed hardware. You may have to access your BIOS to see if the device is registered.

The next step is to manually eject the tray using a small, but firm object to fit in the pinhole in front of the drive. You may need to try physically opening the tray by wedging something small — like a paperclip — in between the device and the tray to snatch the disc that’s stuck.

If recognition is your problem…

Access your operating system by clicking on My Computer to show the drives with removable storage. If the drive shows up, select properties by right clicking to see if the “drive is working properly” icon message appears. The absence of the message means the drive is not working properly, and you may be able to update the device driver by rebooting and accessing the cmos set up.

If the drive never shows up it may not be properly installed or the cables may not be properly connected. It’s also possible that you just have a faulty drive or data cable on your hands.

Always remember that the support site for your device may have tutorials, help functionalities, or support services. It’s always important to check for updates for the latest device drivers or patches for your systems.

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