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Thermal Ribbons – in the OC

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin14 July 2016

Now that we know the differences between thermal printers, we should also discuss the need for thermal ribbons that are available in Orange County. GotMedia has several different brands of thermal ribbon from companies such as Teac, VersaMax and many others. The pricing on each of these thermal ribbons varies greatly depending on quality and how much ribbon is being purchased. Be sure to look through all of our inventory for thermal printable DVD-R and CD-R blank media.

One example of thermal printing ribbon in Orange County that is being carried is the Teac P-55 Black Thermal Ribbon. This ribbon is used for monocolor printing on CD and DVDs with the same model printer. The black ribbon spool yields 2000 full coverage prints and covers 250 (not 50) shades of grey.

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