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The Basics of Prepping Your Master Discs

Technology, UncategorizedHawksM03 May 2011

Whether you’re prepping a master disc for your own project or for your client, data integrity is of the utmost importance, because a damaged or poor quality master will result in exponential problems down the replication road.

DVD Masters
Any master DVD needs to be created as an “authored” DVD, which means the content has been edited and has been run through an author program to create menus and complete compression. If you don’t have a program, consider using DVD Studio Pro, iDVD, Sonic Scenarist, Nero, and Adobe Encore.

We advise that you create a physical DVD master to send to your clients for final approval; digital masters can be lost or damaged. The only caveat is if you would like to CSS copy protect your DVD master. In this case submit your master as either a DDP master or DLT master.

CD Masters
Following the “Red Book Audio Standard” you can ensure text is visible on the CD, metadata is embedded and that you’re living up to ISRC codes. As with DVDs, it’s best to use a hard copy CD master, because trying to drop audio tracks onto a final disc can result in discrepancies with time between tracks or incorrect track order.

Data CDs and CD-ROMs
We almost always recommend prepping data discs as hard masters due to the fact they often contain auto executable files, complex software applications, or just large quantities of files. Submitting your disc for professional replication, for your own client, or for your own project will be easier and more secure if done so on a physical master.

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