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STMicroelectronics Simplifies Blu-ray Player Design

ElectronicsHawksM10 December 2010

A new chip from one of the leading ICs will enable the production of smaller, lower-cost Blu-ray players and recorders as Blu-ray becomes more mainstream. STMicroelectronics says its new STODD01 IC power supply, with high-voltage power, can operate the full circuitry of a Blu-ray player, including the driver needed for HD read/write capabilities, by integrating three power supplies.

This new form of integration eliminates the need for multiple individual power supplies, cutting down on component costs, design complexity, production time, and board size. And on top of the fact that STODD01 is already known for highly efficient switched-mode conversion and that is now also incorporates a new shutdown mode to minimize standby power consumers, this new release could open the Blu-ray industry wide open to all types of consumers — lower cost home and mobile HD product buyers.

One major manufacturer has already qualified the STODD01.

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