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Slow Blu-Ray Sales in 2013

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 January 2014

Recently there was a report stating that there is softness in blu-ray sales from 2013 vs the sales records in 2012. As technology continues to advance with more and more options for consumers to purchase their disc media in Orange County and beyond, blu-ray may not always be the first option for recording or viewing material. While you may not quite need the quality of blu-ray, you may be interested in blank media discs from a local Orange County company, that can help you make the right disc choices for your needs. Often times consumers will need blank media from a highly reputable manufacturer over the high quality of blu-ray. There are several high-end manufacturers in this space that can help with your needs – from the likes of Taiyo Yuden blank media, Verbatim, and Ridata just to name a few.

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