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SanDisk Reveals Smallest-Ever SSD

ElectronicsHawksM30 August 2010

SanDisk has finally announced its release of the new flash iSSD (solid state drive) – the “i” stands for “integrated” – for tablet personal computers and ultra-thin notebooks. After much speculation, the drive from SanDisk, reportedly supports serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) in a small ball grid array (BGA) package.

Adaptable for advanced mobile computing operating systems, the SanDisk iSSD drive can be soldered onto any motherboard to be used on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

At 16 mm x 20 mm x 1.85mm – close in size to a postage stamp – and weighing less than 1 gram, the drive offers 160 MB/second sequential read and 100 MB/sequential write speeds and can store anywhere from 4GB to 64GB worth of memory. This is a significant increase in system responsiveness and storage capacity.

“New embedded SSDs, such as the SanDisk iSSD drive, which meet the stringent size requirements of small and light devices while offering greater performance, are designed to enable OEMs to deliver an enhanced user experience in their next-generation designs,” said Jeff Janukowicz, an analyst for IDC.

The iSSD drive is currently only available for equipment manufacturers.

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