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Rimage Partners with Digital Intelligence

Rimage, UncategorizedHawksM20 May 2011

By combining forces, Rimage Corporation and Digital Intelligence, a leader in computer forensic services and software, open up a new market for digital evidence management. Providing enhanced solutions, the two companies will help streamline the workflow for intelligence officers.

The announcement comes at a time when cyber criminal activity is on the rise and difficult to combat and digital data continues to flood intelligence agency offices, placing a heavy demand on limited intelligence resources to manually mine the data. But Rimage EDS automates the data extraction process, as well as disc imaging and content reporting for disc-based evidence, and Digital Intelligence’s specialized software help simplify these challenges.

“At a time when digital evidence is expanding by the day, this partnership will deliver our customers outstanding solutions for digital evidence export, distribution, and archiving,” said Christopher Wells, senior vice president of marketing for Rimage Corporation.

The combination of technologies will allow for reduced evidence examination time by intelligence officials, introducing an invaluable asset for managing disc-based intelligence content.

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