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Radio Promotion CD-Rs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 November 2014

Ever wonder how radio stations get new music to play? Working with music label promoters over the years, GotMedia has learned there is a process. Many radio stations do not have to find new music, rather new music comes to them constantly from music promoters in hopes for some radio play; usually to promote the release of an upcoming album. Professional radio promoters know that most radio stations still prefer a “Radio Single” CD-R to be supplied to them in a standard jewel case so that it can be filed with the rest of their musical inventory. These promoters also know that many of these radio stations have a “new music hour”, where they feature new artists or music from an upcoming album release. These CD-Rs usually include both the radio edit and the full album versions of the song; along with the artist’s name, music label, the radio promoter’s information, etc. printed on the traycard. It’s not a good idea to email a .wav, .mp3 or an .aiff file to a radio station as the attachment may be blocked, or filtered into a spam folder and never reach its destination. GotMedia sells special high quality digital audio CD-R media especially for important music distribution such as this… it’s important the media is reliable, can withstand being mailed in a bubble mailer to the stations, and is high quality to preserve the original high quality mix of the music, for a great first impression.

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