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Professional Blu-ray Recordable Media for High Definition

Blu-ray MediaHawksM23 January 2010

5x More Storage Capacity Than a Single Layer DVD

Stores 25 GB for 135 minutes of High Definition Video
Also available in dual layer 50 GB Capacity

Superb Speed
High resolution and fast recordings at high speeds

  • Transfer rates for 2x up to 9 MB per second
  • Transfer rates for 4x up to 18 MB per second
  • Transfer rates for 6x up to 27 MB per second


  • Recording layers made from highly stable inorganic dye
  • Resistance to light exposure increases disc life


  • Surface is protected with Hard Coating
  • Withstands dirt, scratches, and fingerprints

Printable Surfaces
Available in a wide variety of printable surfaces for a professional look.
Compatible with most inkjet & thermal printers, Rimage Everest, & Teac P55.
As well as unbranded, shiny silver surface.

Blue Laser Technology Means Increased Capacity

The key technology behind the Blu-ray disc is the blue laser, which has a wavelength of only 405nm (billionths of a meter).  DVDs use a pure red laser with a wavelength of 650nm, and CDs use a 780nm wavelength infra-red laser.  The benefit of having a blue laser with a shorter wavelength means it is possible to write smaller data pits, and significantly increase the amount of data stored on a disc.


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