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Pre-Screening BD-R/DVD-R Requirements

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin19 January 2015

Many experienced independent film makers and documentary producers are familiar with submitting their work to film festivals, streaming purchase sites and/or pre-screening events. They know that the technical requirements for how the BD-R or DVD-R is to be formatted usually are very specific, or the film could be rejected with not enough time to re-author a new disc! For example, to submit a DVD film to Amazon for purchase, the DVD-R needs to be a single VTS without any menus or other video tracks included; just one VTS structure containing a set of VOB files for the one VTS. The disc media needs to be high quality as well, to avoid any potential compatibility issues. When you’ve spent an enormous budget on your film or documentary, be sure to wrap up the most important yet inexpensive tangible asset at the end so that your submission to your next big event goes smoothly!

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