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Pre-Post to Post Production Processes

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 November 2014

In the video media services industry, the processes employed to take raw HD video footage, transcode, transfer and edit into final sequences for professional use require reliable disc proof and storage media. Thousands of dollars in production costs can be lost if the media used in every stage of the process fails or is not reliable. With more and more consumer media services and storage being transfered to cloud services, it is important for video professionals today to understand the limitations of cloud/streaming services, and understand how important high quality solid hard drives or optical media discs are to ensuring professional quality results; especially when working with large, high definition video files. GotMedia partners with many video professionals in the Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA areas to provide the reliable media necessary for problem free video processes, proofing and storing; whether for broadcast, streaming or Blu-ray/DVD retail release. Contact GotMedia to learn more about what media is the best for your processes.

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