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Photo Scanning Services to DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin25 February 2016

It’s so very important to digitize old family photos to preserve them for generations to come. And as you may know, having a professional company scan your family photos and burn them onto DVD-Rs or BD-R media can be very expensive. However, with affordable do-it-yourself equipment from GotMedia, and different types of media that’s available to the casual consumer today, you may just consider doing it yourself! This could save you a lot of money and ultimately give you the control over the presentation, resolution, file/folder organization and even the printing of the discs themselves. You can also tackle any other archiving or media project such as creating DVD-Rs of your family videos! GotMedia in Orange County, CA is truly a one-stop-shop for all your equipment, supplies and media needs to help you accomplish your media archiving goals without having to pay for expensive professional services.

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