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Thermal and Inkjet Disc Printing

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 May 2017

The technology in the media printing industry has advanced dramatically over the past few years. From MicroBoards, Primera, Epson, to Rimage, printers have a variety of quality options to chose from, but the subtle differences in the brands may better lend themselves to certain market verticals or industry fields.

What is one of the most critical variables to consider? Thermal or inkjet?

Thermal Printing

Thermal is the newer of the two technologies. It applies heat and pressure to transfer the ink from a ribbon to the disc itself to create a permanent bond of ink resin. This technique is often used for monochrome, spot color and full color disc printing and often reduces smudges and drying time because the finished print surface is permanent.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet (or laser) printing applies droplets of liquid ink to the disc, ejecting liquid from the print head onto the surface. Printers that are capable of printing on CD, DVD and Blu-ray should use inkjet printable discs. These discs have an Ink Absorption Layer. Inkjet printing method is often subject to smudging, especially when humidity is a factor, and should not be shipped in soft plastic envelopes to avoid sticking.

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Product Focus: The Epson PP-100AP Autoprinter

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 May 2017

The Epson PP-100AP Autoprinter has been touted as one of the best printers in speed, reliability, and quality for semi-professional printers. Released by Epson, one of the leading manufacturers of inkjet printing, the Autoprinter has quickly become one of the most ideal solutions for printers who need rapid, large-batch printing at the quality of a professional printer but without the cost.

With four trays, the Autoprinter is capable of finishing up to 95 CD or DVD discs in an hour on the fast print setting, and up to 50 to 75 discs on the higher quality print settings – considered remarkable speed and efficiency for its size and cost. Epson’s sealed patented AcuGrip robotic technology moves the discs from station to station to prevent damage during printing. This printer even offers the novice printer easy-to-use software and templates for print jobs without a prescribed design format.

The Autoprinter houses six printer cartridges that allow for more than 1,000 discs to printed before changing one cartridge, and, when that time comes, printers can save on printing costs by only needing to replace one cartridge at a time. For the more advanced printers, with larger print jobs, up to six printers can be controlled by just one computer.

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CD Box-Sets in 2017 Going Strong

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 April 2017

In this current age of iTunes, digital download, streaming, etc. it’s interesting that physical audio CD box-sets have taken off again! Maybe people are tired of just getting the digital file without the tangible disc, artwork, inserts, packaging, etc. Or maybe it’s just convenient to get all your favorite songs in one collection instead of taking the time to search and download each song. Maybe people are feeling nostalgic of their favorite bands and the audio CD box-set is perfect way to have the songs forever, or even to give as a gift to a music lover… it all makes sense to us here at GotMedia in Orange County, CA. Have you also noticed all of the “Best of the…” 60s, 70s, 80s, type music collections for sale on TV commercials? Have you noticed they are selling a collection of either replicated CDs or actual custom burned playlists on CD-R media? If you think about it, you can insert the disc into your computer and import all of the songs at once into your iTunes library so you have the digital copy AND the actual physical CD. It’s no wonder the phenomenon known as the “box-set” hasn’t gone away!

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Educators With GotMedia

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 April 2017

Spring break is over, and the schools are all back in session… Now that School is back, so are the demands that educators face when it comes to technology and media heading into the final stretch of the school year. Educators use all sorts of media to teach their students – DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs, etc. and students also have growing needs for media. Many school projects such as the DVD Year Book, recording the school band or choir, distributing DVDs of the football season just to name a few, are now becoming more and more the norm. Knowing this ongoing need for fast and reliable media, GotMedia offers our teachers and students the best prices available for any of their media needs! And you can bet we have it in stock ready to go as well. Contact GotMedia for more information on how we can best meet your specific media needs!

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Disc Media Storage/Archiving

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 April 2017

It’s a wonderful convenience in this day in age to have cloud services be able to share your contacts, music, photos, videos, etc. between your different devices; such as your phone, tablet or computer. This is especially helpful when you buy a new device, and would like to sync it with your other devices. But what about your larger or very important files? Should you trust cloud services completely? Uploads and downloads can be easily interrupted with a spotty internet connection or even powering up and down your devices unaware that your syncing is incomplete. Also, to get more than the allotted free space you get with most cloud services, you have to pay more. This is why it’s still a good idea to make disc archives of your important family photos, projects, music library, videos, or other large files. This way, you have the reliability of optical disc storage with no power source, you know exactly where the files are and the instant access ability whether you’re connected to the internet or not. Also, you can search the contents of your disc and immediately find whatever archived file you are looking for. The media matters – be sure to call GotMedia to learn more about the advantages of optical disc media storage options.

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Titan Blu-Ray Technology Review

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 April 2017

In a saturated market of blu-ray technology, Titan Tecnology has been able to stand out for their low-price, high quality line of discs. Titan has been a leader in recordable media; recording, publishing and storing all of your data is what their products can help with.

Titan Blu-Ray Media in Orange County is available at GotMedia and it comes with 25 disc spindles and records 4x faster than some competitors. Titan features silver matte metalized hubs, white inkjet hubs, and white thermal metalized hub printable surfaces. There are tons of variations for these discs that can be perfect for your needs!


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Are you a Re-Seller of Blank Media?

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin07 April 2017

Are you a business owner that sells blank media? Maybe, similar to Staples or Office Depot, you sell a limited variety of Verbatim or CMC-Pro packs of printable DVD-R and CD-R media along with your other technology items just to be well rounded with what you offer; however these media items are priced too high to sell. Sound familiar? This is where striking up a relationship with GotMedia as your supplier can help you in ways you probably haven’t even realized. Not only can GotMedia help you expand what products you can offer, but GotMedia has the longest standing relationships directly with the most popular manufacturers than anyone in the industry. In fact, GotMedia has been rewarded with the best wholesale pricing that any of the manufacturers give to anyone; and this is just for sticking around when others have tried to move on to other cheaper media. So what this means for you, is that if you stock up on your inventory from GotMedia, you can be re-assured that you can sell to your customers for the most competitive of prices available anywhere having received the very best possible wholesale prices from GotMedia yourself! Call GotMedia today to learn more!

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Do-It-Yourself Disc Printing

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin31 March 2017

Have you noticed that when you look at the available home desktop printers at Fry’s, Staples, Best Buy or Office Max from all of the major printer manufacturing brands, that it’s hard to find one that is just for printing? It seems that now days it’s not enough to just be able to print, they now need to be able to copy, scan, print two sided as well as print directly on to a printable disc; such as a CD-R, DVD-R or BD-R media that has an inkjet printable surface. However don’t be fooled, although you may be able to print on one disc at a time, it usually requires you to instal a plastic tray to hold the disc, use software you haven’t installed yet, and calibrate the printer to discs you hope to print one and this would most likely take a while to set up; using multiple discs. The best way to do your own disc publishing at home is still to use disc publishing equipment that’s made just for this task – literally you can take it out of the box, plug it in, install some cartridges and now you’re ready to burn and print hundreds of discs at a time! So whether you’re burning audio demo CDs to hand out, archive DVDs to back up important files or HD blu-ray discs to showcase your video in beautiful HD, be sure to call the experts at GotMedia to have them help you find the right duplication tower or disc printer that fits your specific needs.

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Bulk Media with Large Companies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin21 March 2017

It’s important to understand the bigger picture with large companies. How do they share the large amounts of data through their own network? Take Clear Channel for example – one of our clients! They have been a valued customer of ours. With so many affiliate stations needing advertisement needs met, all of those advertising spots need to get to each station across the country some how! Clear Channel has ordered DVD-R’s in bulk from our Orange County location. These are then distributed across the country.

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Epson High Capacity Ink

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 March 2017

Epson has always led the way when it comes to innovating and developing quality ink solutions… but what you may not have known, is that for the Epson DiscProducer PP-100 auto-printer sold here at GotMedia in Orange County, CA, Epson has developed a 6 color individual, high-capacity, dye based ink solution – the absolute best in its class for crisp, clear text printing and vibrant graphics. You can print over a thousand or more discs without changing cartridges, and with an LED readout for each color, you can change out just the one that’s low.

Epson always delivers on it’s promise to be the best in it’s class! Contact the experts at GotMedia to learn more.

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