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New Verification Tools Improve Quality Testing for Replication

TechnologyHawksM26 April 2011

Cinavia, a new technology from Verance Corporation, will now be incorporated into the post-production workflow of BluFocus Inc., a California-based testing and certification facility.

The Cinavia tool will be used almost exclusively by BluFocus for the verification services the company offers both U.S. and U.K. film, music, and television studios to help mitigate the use of piracy in the entertainment industry.

“We are pleased that BluFocus has embraced an efficient and effective way to test content marked with Cinavia prior to disc mastering and replication,” said Dean Angelico, senior vice president, product development at Verance, a pioneer in the development of watermarking technologies.

The new process is aimed at discouraging piracy, which has run rampant in recent years, and is a welcome advantage in the media production industry.

“At a time when piracy is at an all time high, the Cinavia standard has been extremely well received by the Hollywood studios,” said Paulette Pantoja, BluFocus CEO and founder.

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