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New Rimage Technology Catapults Company Into the World of Law Enforcement

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM15 April 2010

Digital evidence is a growing field within law enforcement as electronic –based and Internet data continue to flood evidence rooms. Plowing through this data can be intensive, time consuming, and tedious, and with limited manpower, law enforcement agencies are already swamped with evidence.

New technology from Rimage, the London-based provider of on-demand CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc publishing systems, hopes to help mitigate these issues.

The Rimage Evidence Disc System™, introduced April 14, automates the ingestion and analysis of optical media evidence, freeing up time and energy for digital forensic examiners. This new series of solutions combines Rimage CD/DVD/Blu-ray combination recorders, an integrated digital camera, and industrial grade robotics to ingest and analyze evidence data.

The Evidence Disc System operates in a three-step, automated process:

  1. Pick evidence discs from input bins
  2. Ingest and analyze recorded content
  3. Prepare disc report

The system never alters or compromises the evidence data and has proven to be more than 87 percent faster than manually processing; the Evidence Disc System photographs and analyzes up to 300 discs at a time. Rimage claims this kind of speeds because the new system leverages the company’s current line of products, including Rimage product capabilities to act as publishing and archiving appliances simultaneously.

“This solution really streamlines and simplifies our customer’s workflow,” said Christopher Wells, vice president of marketing and strategy in a Rimage press release. “The easy-to-use software makes ingesting digital evidence simple, and all the data exports directly into leading desktop forensic analysis software packages so it can be combined with other case information.”

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