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New Macs Rumored To Lack DVD Drive

Blu-ray Media, DVD-R, TechnologyNancy Woo22 August 2012

Though uncertain, some recent rumors have been floating around that Apple’s newest iMac and Macbook Pro will lack something that every computer nowadays has: a DVD drive. It may seem shocking, but remember the bygone days of the floppy disc? Will the DVD go the way of the dinosaur, VHS and the floppy, eventually fading into a distant technological memory?

Some clues this might be happening:

  • Not yet released desktop Apple computers, iMac and Mac Pro, have model numbers that are listed on retailer websites under the “non-disc” categories.
  • AppleInsider notes that newer Macs will be equipped with USB drives for reboot and recovery, with no mention of the traditional CD/DVD reboot and recovery drives.
  • Newer Mac Mini and Macbook Air models are also listed under the “non-disc” categories.
  • Apple has a business model based on the iCloud, encouraging a move toward cloud-based storage.

It doesn’t seem out of the question that Apple may forego the familiar DVD drive in favor of ramping up USB or Cloud opportunities, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the DVD is dead. PCs will surely still have DVD drives for a long time to come, and with HD technology still high on the priority list of videophiles, there is still great incentive to have access to DVD drives. Plus, if a shift will happen, it will be in slow phases, as the technology curve is slow to reach those on the lower-income side of the scale.

If technology is moving forward and leaving DVDs behind, we’ll all have plenty of time to prepare, and until then, it’s still just a rumor. Still, disc-printing technology is one of the most affordable and accessible ways to duplicate information, not to mention that Netflix and other video sharing organizations supplement their Internet streaming capabilities with a physical DVD, and DVDs are undoubtedly more functional than the obsolete floppy. Also, an optical disc drive encompasses more than just a back up DVD – cutting out this drive also cuts out the possibility for CDs, Blu-ray and HD DVDs. It might just be a good idea to have both DVDs and USBs on hand, since each have their advantages and disadvantages.

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