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New Hi-Gloss Media from JVC!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 August 2015

JVC Advanced Media has developed a NEW High-Gloss Inkjet surface to answer the needs for a more attractive and professional looking disc. JVC engineered a High-Gloss surface that improves drying time and surface durability while dramatically reducing the stickiness of the coating in order to mitigate the risks of frequent operational stops on automated disc publishers. JVC High-Gloss blank media delivers outstanding, vivid image quality and eliminates frustrating production slowdowns.
- 20X more glossy than standard JVC Matte Inkjet media
- 1.2X faster drying time
- 2.3X more durable print surface
JVC is able to offer the best quality and the most functional High-Gloss inkjet media products in the market and you can find them at!

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