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New, Eco-Friendly Recordable Disc Blazes the Market

DVD-RHawksM13 August 2010

For companies who are looking to offer their clients and customers a product that is not only economical, but also ecoconscious, CD Digital Card has come to the rescue. The Flex DVD competes with the traditional DVD-5 discs on all levels, except that can be touted as the only “green” DVD replication option.

With the Flex DVD, CD Digital has created a more flexible, durable, and affordable DVD replication option by using one-half of the polycarbonate and chemicals in replication than the standard DVD-5 process. The Flex DVD is a single layer format, offering the same storage capacity as the DVD-5 (4.7 GB for standard size) at half the thickness of a standard DVD (0.6mm thickness).

CD Digital has designed, engineered, tested, and patented its technology to ensure that the materials are 100 percent recyclable and will emit 53 percent less carbon during the manufacturing process. The company claims that is Flex discs are shatter-proof and crack-proof – resistant to all types of breakage – and playable on any basic DVD player.

The lighter and more resilient disc makes the Flex DVD more adaptable and more affordable for shipping – ideal for direct marketing, mailing, books, magazines, and even children’s applications – and makes it possible to eliminate polybagging and to ship as Standard Mail.

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