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Music Industry Still Has A Need For CDs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 November 2013

In today’s digital age, critics like to write physical CDs off. That is not the case. Yes, it is true that the music industry has had a need to shift to digital goods, but there are still sales to be made the old fashioned way. Just this past week, Eminem sold roughly 750K CDs in his first week.

It’s important to preserve data as a hard file which is why CD duplication is so important. You can’t simply rely on just digital data storage for those very important files you can’t part with. Think about the damage there could be if your digital file was corrupted!?

There are several companies in the Southern California area that focus on replication and duplication services but Got Media puts the power in your hands. Got Media offers CD Duplicators in the Los Angeles area – not just in the Los Angeles area but nationwide. Shipping is a key consideration when looking into making a large (heavy) purchase online. We offer several different types of shipping but we recommend UPS for large purchases and it has the best tracking.

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