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Mictrotech’s Xpress Disc Publishers Now Even Faster

UncategorizedHawksM22 September 2011

Microtech has a line of three Xpress Disc Publishers that are collectively known as the 
“workhorse” for producing CDs, DVDs and BDs for movies, games and software. The Xpress line of disc publishers allows for unattended printing through advanced robotics and great customizability and networking options.

If you are a business owner or work in an environment where CDs, DVDs and BDs are produced in bulk, you may already be familiar with the Xpress XL disc publisher, which has an 800 disc capacity, the Xpress XP, which can hold 600 discs, or the Xpress XE, a quality machine with a 200 disc capacity.

Just this month, Microtech announced significant upgrades to each of these disc publishers, citing faster speeds and Solid State Drive Technology as the two best features of the new line of products.

The Xpress XL and Xpress XP have both been upgraded to include the newest 2nd Generation Intel Core Quad-Core Processors, which give their performance a boost of about 15%.  This means recording speed is much faster, allowing Blu-ray Discs to reach maximum speed for disc throughput.

The Xpress XE goes not without its internal processing update. This model will receive the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor, which increases overall processing power by 50% and doubles the memory. With a SATA 6Gb/s enterprise hard disk, this machine can also support the fastest Blu-ray writing speeds.

Perhaps most exciting, Microtech claims they are the first vendors in their line of disc publishing that have incorporated Solid State Drive Technology. SSD is an alternative to traditional hard disk drives. Instead of a moving disc and whirring parts, SSD is a stable, non-mobile drive that significantly cuts down on processing time because fragmented data can be read all at once, rather than as the disc spins. SSD is a much faster-working drive, and Microtech claims their newest Xpress line is twice as fast as disc publishers with traditional hard disk drives. Added benefits of SSD include extremely fast boot up times, lower power consumption and heat generation, and data protection.

According to CEO Corwin Nichols, “This is perhaps the most significant upgrade we could provide our customers in this high definition, data hungry environment. Together, these system upgrades contribute to a richer on-screen appearance with lightning-quick response while reducing data loss scenarios and improving overall system reliability. It also assures our customers are prepared for the next edition of Windows we all seeing coming in the not too distant future…”

A release date for the new Xpress line has not yet been announced.

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