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Jack in the Box DVD Training Sessions

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 June 2014

Many large retailers that have brick and mortar locations that span across the United States often times need a means to train all of their employees in a clear, effective way. Many companies often times print out paper manuals. This is a fine way to give your new employees a way to reference all of a company’s policies and standards. There are other ways that a company can train their employees however. Some larger corporates often times send their employees to a training at a single location to get onsite, hands on training. This can be quite costly depending on the number of employees you must train. One effective way to train many employees is through training DVDs. Training DVDs can be made through DVD blank media in Orange County. One of our clients, Jack in the Box, employs GotMedia for us to duplicate their DVDs by purchasing our DVD blank media discs. We can do the same for you at a large discounted price, depending upon how many discs you will need. Call us for more information!

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