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UncategorizedHawksM01 April 2010

Largest-capacity 32GB memory card released by SanDisk

SanDisk Corporation has officially started shipping a 32 gigabyte microSDHC card, the company’s highest-capacity removable memory card for mobile phones. As of Tuesday, March 23, the 32GB card can be purchased on SanDisk U.S. and European e-commerce sites for $199.99 with a five-year warranty. The card will be available worldwide beginning in April.

The new card, according to the SanDisk release, can hold more than 35 round-trip flights worth of music between San Francisco and New York before a song repeats.  The unprecedentedly large storage capacity in a small-form medium is made possible by SanDisk’s 32nm X3 (3-bit-per-cell) technology, allowing mobile network operators and handset manufacturers to scale the card for a variety of card and adaptor configurations.

Imation, ENCRYPTX join forces, combining optimum data storage and security

The data storage company Imation Corp. and data security company ENCRYPTX have partnered to create CD-R, DVD-R, and Blu-ray optical media with EncryptDisc™ technology, AES 256-bit encryption and burning technology from ENCRYPTX. The two companies, as part of the agreement, have also partnered with Compass Medical, North Central Sight Services, and Rocky Mountain RAM as the supply and distribution channels for certain medical, government, and other regulated markets.

The EncryptDisc technology allows discs to be encrypted while they’re being burned – eliminating the possibility for writing files in the clear. Password recovery and protection is highly efficient; authorized users can securely recover forgotten passwords with integrated password recovery and remote administrator recovery services, while hackers are prevented from cracking passwords by the built-in password attack self-defeating mechanism. EncryptDisc versatility also enables users to add new content or edit files and incrementally burn the changes or finalize discs with Read-Only decryption access.

Israeli company offers free DVD-ROM security systems

TrustCont, Ltd., an Israeli-based copy protection and DRM solutions company, is offering its new security system for free through June 15. The free DVD-ROM copy protection service allows first-time TrustCont publishers to restrict printing and copying and pasting and set global or “on-access” passwords on specific files at no cost and with no obligation.

Passwords can be set to expire at a certain time, rendering the data inaccessible. Replicated content on the discs can be set with restricted access on certain networks or to certain users or computers.

To take advantage of this offer, publishers must register on the TrustCont Website and download the free DVD protection toolkit software. With the software, users can burn a Gold Master on a standard DVD-R disc for use in mass production. A List of authorized replicators already set to process TrusCont Gold Masters can also be found on the TrusCont Web site.

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