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GotMedia News Round Up July 2010

ElectronicsHawksM30 July 2010

Vinpower Digital Rolls Out Manual Tower Duplicators

The California-based company Vinpower announced last week a new series of compact, manual CD, DVD, and Blu-ray duplicators called SlimMicro. These duplicators are a slimmed-down version of the companies SharkCopier series, but only in size.

Available in CD / DVD or CD / DVD / Blu-ray configurations and with four or five writer drives, Vinpower’s new duplicators pack a big punch in a small package – shoebox size to be exact. The SlimMicro was designed for a small workspace or for travel, and because it’s a standalone device a SlimMicro duplicator can be powered up anywhere an electrical outlet is available.

The SlimMicro series was originally developed as part of a joint venture between Vinpower and SHINANO KENSHI CO, LTD. as part of the PlexCopier line for release in Europe and Japan only. Vinpower obtained rights to release its own version of the product in the United States.

MAM-A Completes Upgrade to Only U.S.-Made Media Line

As the only CD-R and DVD-R/+R producer to offer products made in the United States, MAM-A has injected some juice into its homemade brand. The company recently completed an upgrade to its Colorado Springs manufacturing facility and is now able to offer a full range of “Made in the USA” silver CD-R and DVD-R/+R products, plus its 24kt Gold Archival CD-R and DVD-R/R+ recordable media products.

This expansion gives more companies and consumers to option to buy local and cut down on their import tariffs.

Calibre 1080 DVD PC Line Discontinued

Styron, the Michigan-based company, has announced the Calibre 1060 DVD as the successor to the 1080 DVD PC resin, which the company recently discontinued. The Calibre 1060 will be available worldwide and will feature new functionality for all the company’s CD, DVD, and Blu-ray duplicator applications, including improved ductility and toughness. The new application offers high-flow capabilities, fast cycle times, and good pit replication for improved yields.

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