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Global Blu-ray Media & Devices Report Forecasts Sustainability

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 August 2016

According to a recent report published earlier this year highlights that new movie titles and related entertainment industries will continue to release on both DVD and Blu-ray media for consumers well into 2020.

One excerpt from the report goes on to explain, “Increasing demand for high-quality digital entertainment and growing consumption of video of multiple screens are the major factors boosting the Blu-ray media and devices market. Moreover, the declining prices of Blu-ray consumer devices drive the market growth and development. On other hand, lack of awareness among developing countries is hampering the growth of Blu-ray media and devices market…”

So the support for optical media playing devices also remains strong… this is great news for the consumer or business looking to archive or distribute media on DVD-R or BD-R media and the experts at have the very best quality options.

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