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Flash Back to Optical Discs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin02 December 2013

Engadget recently published an article on the history of silver platters - where they covered the duplication and replication service nature of the disc industry. The optical disc replication service industry is often overlooked and not looked into but there seems to be an interest. Essentially, a man by the name of Paul Gregg, created the plastic discs that we all need in our day to day lives. He has been dubbed the “Father of the Optical Disc” by many in the industry. He introduced the recording video nature of the discs back in the 1960s; however, many didn’t see the value and it did not pick up steam. Some would say he was ahead of his time.

Back in the 1950s, Gregg formed the idea of the opitical disc aka the blank media in Orange County that we use. He was already in the film industry and this is where his idea was born. It was a deviation from the tape technology that the movie industry was used to. He saw that you could write data onto an optical disc, stamp for dvd replication and use a specific light source to play back the data in a new, unchartered way. It was in the 1960s where he finally authored at least one patent around this disc, that described beam-based recording onto a multilayered surface.



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