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Filmmaker Media Workflow

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin26 October 2015

With so many exciting industry trends for indie filmmakers emerging, such as cross-media story telling, digital distribution opportunities, television as a platform for auteurs, crowdsourcing, etc. it’s important to have a sound workflow in order to create projects that are professional and stand out. Independent filmmaking is the most fun when filming, but the real planning and workflow needs to be worked out before you hit post-production. The first impression counts at film festivals, so before sending out the DVD screener to festivals, it’s a good idea to send out in various stages some raw cut DVD-Rs of different edits to trusted involved parties for feedback on final edits, graphics, script/narration, etc. Then when the film is 100% complete, it’s also a good idea to send out the DVD-R screener in the exact format that the festival requires for the best chance of being accepted. The media matters too, and GotMedia offers the best DVD-R and BD-R media to independent filmmakers for their submissions.

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