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Epson Unveils Moverio: A Sci-Fi Dream Turned Reality

EpsonNancy Woo10 November 2011

Moverio is the first of its kind, though it hasn’t gone undreamed of in the imaginative worlds of science fiction. Like the robotic multiple field vision of the Terminator or the overlapped visual fields in Minority Report, Moverio is a headpiece that allows for multiple fields of vision to be seen at the same time.

Moverio isn't quite so violent...

Wearing the headpiece, which looks like a futuristic black eye band, allows the user to see the field of vision directly in front of them, as they would normally, while also showing them a 3-D (or 2-D) video from an 80 inch screen in front of them.

The question becomes: can our brains really comprehend two complex, detailed pictures at the same time, overlapped on top of each other? Epson sure hopes so, because the company expects to sell 10,000 of these bad boys upon the initial release date, which is just around the corner. The product will first hit the marketplace in Japan on November 25, 2011, going for about $770 U.S. dollars.

The world’s first 3-D head-mounted display unit (HMD), as it is called, uses software powered by Android 2.2 and it supports MPEG-4/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video files. The product comes with a tethered controller for user control and 1 GB of onboard storage, as well as a MicroSD slot for expanded memory. The HMD unit can connect to Wifi, for example, to watch YouTube videos, and weighs in at only a half pound.

Simultaneously experiencing a 3-D video file while also experiencing the real 3-D world may take some getting used to at first, but once mastered may actually enable the human brain to process things more quickly and efficiently. Who knows? Plus, it must be outrageous fun.

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