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Epson Releases Slew of New Projectors

Epson, TechnologyNancy Woo05 January 2012

As we let go of the old and usher in the new during this exciting time of year, there’s one company that’s successfully bridging the divide between the two. Epson, a company which has long been a leader in printing devices, is also one of the world’s premier projector developers. Now, a projector, you say? Projectors are largely associated in the pop culture mindset as responsible for those campy 1970s sex ed videos in high school classrooms, or as an early form of film viewing. Thus, the old.

However, Epson has been lately breathing fresh life back into an old form of technology. No longer are these projectors dinosaurs to be dug up from the attic, but revamped, brand new tools with high definition imaging to be used either for home viewing or office presentations.

Let’s start with the latter. Just this week, Epson announced the release of its EX5210 Multimedia Projector.

Sleek and shiny, it is meant for business use, offering bright, HD images for sharp presentations. No computer is necessary for hook-up, making transport easy and convenient. All you need is a USB device to plug in. The data projected is 3LCD quality and the device comes with a solid feature set, like a built-in TV tuner, remote mouse support and speakers included. With native resolution of 1024 x 768 and brightness rated at 2600 ANSI lumens, this projector will surely do any presentation justice. However, some reviews say that text imaging could be sharper, and there is no wireless connectivity. The product retails between $499.99 and $549.99.

Also, perhaps unbeknownst to American audiences, Epson India has also just unveiled their 3-D projector for home use, a stunning 3-D HD product that was just revealed at the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair and Photofair 2012. Developers and product critics expect for this news to trigger similar HD3D home use projectors from competitors like Sony and Panasonic. As it stands now, the EH-TW 6000 is being directed at wealthier consumers in India, and the company hopes to sell at least 750 units in the first year, or roughly 0.5% of the total market.

3-D projectors for the home theater? Who knows how that will pan out in competition with HDTVs that offer 3-D technology? Perhaps we shall see.

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